Here are a selection of Women’s vintage bikes that I currently have for sale, I also have quite a few Men’s road bikes not pictured.

If your interested in seeing my colletion of vintage bikes/bicycles, give me a buzz/text on 0448884051, cheers.

The ultimate utilitarian object combining both style and elegance, the humble vintage bike/bicycle.

Pics of bikes and bicycles vintage used cool elegant style.

A couple get some new wheels in Fitzroy and some pics of a Great Dane and a vintage bicycle, good combo!!!

A couple find a nice vintage bike called the Ladybird in Fitzroy.

A few pics of a beautiful bike in restoration with Kim Kim a sweet Great Dane.

Another spazmotic day in Melbourne but good riding weather, pics of bikes/bicycles.

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Some interesting shots of girls and guys on vintage bikes/bicycles doing their thing.

Stylish Fashionable elegant vintage used bike bicycle pics

The whole vintage bike scene in Melbourne is becoming an identifiable feature of inner city living, style and a cool practical fashion statement that encompasses both the green movement but also an elegant aesthetic that suits the Melbourne vibe.

Time for some more shots of stylish vintage bicycles.

Not sure about the concept behind this photo shoot (talking about the last pic)???

Queen Amidala riding vintage chic..

Beautiful bike documented today on Smith St Fitzroy, vintage bicycle.

I strongly believe that there is great value in finding and recycling old, used vintage bikes and giving them a new lease on life. Usually, these bikes were made using high quality materials and components, often being made in Japan (70’s-80’s) and they stand the tests of time compared to the new (retro) copies that are made in China that have a very short shelf life. I would recommend an original vintage over one of these reproductions every time. Also the process of restoring the bike is a labour of love and respect for both the bike and the rider, we all enjoy seeing the aesthetic delights of old things be it architecture or nick-nacks and delight in the depth of history that these objects embody. There is a timeless quality to vintage bikes that is gaining worldwide appeal.