Warm rainy Saturday morning on Smith St Fitzroy/Collingwood.

Peoples braving the weather on their vintage bikes.

Shots of …… guess what….. aha, vintage bikes:) Enjoy.

Some great pictures of peoples riding vintage retro bicycles extracted from the net. Cheers

Melbourne, Fitzroy, vintage bicycle fashion.

Sunny morning commuters on their way to work, while Bubbles one of our neighborhood cats soaks up the suns warmth and watches amused, as many cool vintage bikes go sailing past. Fitzroy life.

Selected some atmospheric vintage bicycle pics with an edge.

Vintage, retro bike style is contagious recently. I go hunting for vintage bikes several times a week, they are quite difficult to find but the hunt is rewarding as I get a thrill whenever I find one and are able to recycle it and give it to a new owner. It’s great when someone comes over to look at bikes and their eye spies one that they fall for, it’s easy to recognize the look in their eyes. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy doing this so much.

Street snaps taken around Fitzroy and Collingwood focusing on people with their cool vintage bikes.

Melbourne vintage bike chicness.

Ladies and some men on their vintage bicycles.

Melbourne Fitzroy Collingwood City, antique vintage bikes.

Some atmospheric pics of vintage style, bicycles and their riders.

An assortment of magic pics investigating the aural style of fashion and vintage bicycles.

Once again these pics were taken from the web but all share the commonality of beauty, fashion and vintage bikes.

Smith Street early this evening, some nice vintage bikes and riders.

A warm late afternoon beer, watching the myriad of vintage riders making their way home, Fitzroy/Collingwood.

Stunning day, morning commuters on their rides

A couple of shots outside a cafe on Smith St, bikes laying around and peoples whizzing by.

Snazzy shots exploring the growing phenomenon of vintage bicycle/fashion style.

Bike and bicycles vintage used bikes and the fashion statement therein. Contact details below. Cheers