A bunch of pictures from the growing community of vintage bikers around Fitzroy.

These shots capture vintage riders around Fitzroy/Collingwood and also the lovely people who have found their recycled bikes at Mottainai Cycles, 0448884051 Fitzroy. Slow riders.

Vintage bikes Melbourne, Fitzroy/Collingwood.

Local biking magic, late Summer riders. Ladies and men’s vintage bicycles abound.



Selection of vintage bikes, wheels a’rolling.

A mixture of pics, some from the WWW and the others taken in Fitzroy or bikes sold by Mottainai recycled bikes. Vintage bikes.

Deep Summer time riding, nostalgic wheels.

Taken from the hood, Fitzroy, Collingwood. Older used bikes out in force proudly parading their riders, promenading through the worn Streets. Contact me on 0448884051 for info regarding vintage bikes.