More bikes, more bikes etc…. old style flavour.

Many of these pics were of people purchasing bicycles from Mottainai recycled bikes but also some are of locals who ride cool bikes, such as the green Raleigh Men’s bike and the black BSA etc. Thanks to all those who willingly participate, cheers.

Mottainai recycled bikes: 0448884051 Fitzroy

Happy snaps of some cool rides around Fitzroy and some bikes sold through Mottainai recycled bikes.

So many great bikes are rolling again, it’s fantastic to see all the vintage bikes back in use and looking so damn cool. The concept of the ‘slow rider’ on a vintage bicycle is an interesting one if we compare that genre to the lycra racer style, it’s just cool to see different bike cultures and watch them develop and become part of our visual social fabric.

A plethora of vintage bicycle photographs selected from the net.

CAUTION!!!Recycling vintage bikes can be addictive , slowing down the unnecessary consumption of the sparkly ‘new’ mass produced is nothing but a positive prospect. Mottainai bikes, Fitzroy 0448884051.