Your turn (via LittleBikeBlog)

This is such a quaint blog, I dig the intimacy between the author and the bikes that are discovered, the descriptions and the mood conveyed.

Your turn I hope the person who owns this bike doesn't mind that I snuck through their gate to take this shot, but how could I resist a folding Gitane in such tip top condition? Otherwise it would I would only have been a shot of it behind bars… in which case, how could we appreciate the fine detail, such as the front carrier, which I haven't seen before, or the perfectly preserved in-built lights? This got me thinking. I have been pondering the idea of … Read More

via LittleBikeBlog

Melbourne’s mixture of Sun, chill and vintage bikes …… a heart-warming cocktail.

People photographically captured finding their new/old wheely friends at Mottainnai recycled bikes Fitzroy and a groovy bike owner outside one of the organic grocer’s on Smith St.

Any enquires please call 0448884051.

Mottainai recycled vintage bikes Melbourne presents…… Um … more people and bikes in Fitzroy :)

Mottainai recycled bikes set up a little stall at the Fitzroy Market on the weekend (Sat), the market is held on the first Saturday of each Month. It was a great day, even sunny and the bikes looked pretty cool juxtaposed with all the groovy vintage retro clothes for sale.  Some of the other pics capture Melbournites visiting Mottainai bikes and finding a used bike to love. Oh and one pic is just a shot from a fashion shoot, just slipped it in as a filler haha!

Once again any enquiries regarding bikes can be made to this no. (0448884051) or mail: Cheerio and stay warm by riding.