Fitzroy vintage bicycles, Mottainai Cycles. Rose Street Artist Market. Bikes for Sale.

Some happy customers that prefer to find a recycled cool vintage bike and support us rather than buy some Chinese made (POS) that becomes landfill in a years time and supports cheap labour and an autocratic regime rather than a sustainable business model. Jumps down from the soapbox lol! But seriously, I really don’t understand these people who purchase these cheap fake/retro copies made in China, when they are such poor quality and don’t support local people or the environment by recycling, I mean come on what’s not to get?? Ok ok now for some groovy pics of some vintage Peugeot adverts from back in the day.

Come and check out our bikes, 41 Kerr St Fitzroy, (0448884051) Mon-Fri and Sundays with the Rose St Artist Market

We also hire out great vintage bikes everyday, contact the Rose St Artist market. Cheers


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