As Summer flexes her muscles, wheels keep turning. Vintage bikes Fitzroy Melbourne.

Love bikes, love old bikes ……….Join us at 41 Kerr St and check out our selection of rad vintage bikes, we do a comprehensive service on each bike including reconstructing each one and restoring them with replacement parts trying to ‘recycle’, as much as possible. We care for and respect our bikes and are sure you will find a gem in our shed. 0448884051 Mon-Fri and on Sundays with the Rose St Artist market in Fitzroy. Cheerio and happy riding.

Rose St Artist Market Fitzroy Bicycles

We will at the market today from 10am today (actually every Sunday) till 5pm, you can access us through the market or from the normal Kerr St laneway, should be great weather today. We have lots of super groovy bikes available and you are welcome to pop in for a chat about old bikes. Cheers


On the road again …… just can’t wait to get on the road again…. vintage-ness supremo Mottainai cycles Fitzroy Melbourne.


Come see us for your vintage bicycle needs.

41 Kerr St Fitzroy Mon-Fri by appointment or Sundays from 10m-5pm with the Rose St market in Fitzroy. 0448884051 Cheers and safe riding.

We are open for 2012, gasps of excitement can be heard reverberating over the summery sounds of Cicadas and spinning free-wheels as the warm Zephyr breezes caress our minds.

To all lovers of old bikes out there:

We have re-opened for 2012 and will also be at the next Rose Street Artist Market this Sunday the 15th. For weekdays it’s best to text/ring me on 0448884051 to make a time as I will be in and out, searching the country for groovy old bicycles. The odd pic in the above selection was a pic of my Mom’s new Dog, Jemma who was saved from the lost-dogs-home after being mistreated, Grrrrrrr I really don’t understand some people, who could treat a loving animal badly and um…. who could buy a Chinese copy retro bike???? Anyway Jemma now has lots of love and has a new life, kinda like our bikes ………. Let this year be an apocalyptically armageddonistic year for recycling and respecting each other and the earth.