Gotta love Feb, it’s such a cruisey time to ride around. Mottainai vintage bicycles Fitzroy.

We have been written up in a Webazine:

Just so there is no confusion, we do not produce ‘cheap bikes’ at Mottainai Cycles ….. We love bicycles and spend our days bringing the bikes back into use, it is a labour intensive, act of passion. We respect the intrinsic nature of older bikes and actually thrive on working with them and in so doing, giving the bike another opportunity to bond with their human counterpart. We are inspired when a person comes in and falls in love with one of our bikes, this is why we keep going and really enjoy the process from start to finish. Oh, the pics depicting a seat and some tube thingy is a cool recycled device, shown to me by Henrik (little Jimmy) who works with us, it is a saddle lock to prevent precious saddles from being stolen. It’s basically a recycled bike chain joined under a recycled 700c tire tube which encases the chain. Niffty eh?

41 Kerr St Mon-Fri 12-6pm and on Sundays 10am-5.30pm with the Rose St artist market in Fitzroy. Call me on 0448884051 Cheers

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