Beautiful bikes are old …. Lovers of vintage bikes unite!!!

Recycle a used vintage bike, think twice before buying a new bike that is made in China, the quality of a cheap Chinese bike is inferior in all ways, they become land-fill very quickly. The rider rarely makes a real lasting connection with these types of bikes. We at Mottainai Cycles have bikes from the 80’s and earlier, when they were made in Japan or Australia and Europe. These bikes really stand the test of time and are not only original and damn cool looking but were actually made well with quality in mind rather than just $$$ maximum profit from the cheapest production costs. So support recycling literally and just give it a thought before choosing that cheap shiny bike made in China. Steps down from the soap box …………

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What’s cold and wet and lives in a cave? Get your Vintage on!

A wise person once said,”the only constant is change”, well Melbourne certainly embraces that maxim unabashedly (in weatherly terms), I would like to add, the only constant is the turn of the wheel:) Regardless of external conditions getting on a bike is food for the soul and to my mind the older the bike the more soul…… or something like that. We have just experienced the Bike Fest which was great and much enjoyed by all that participated.

Tomorrow (Sunday) should be a lovely day to visit the Rose Street Artist market, down some coffee and check out some old rides and groovy bicycles in our shed, be nice to see you there. See yah.

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