vintage bikes Melbourne “Mottainai Vintage Bicycles Fitzroy”. Classic fun.

41 Kerr St Fitzroy Melbourne 0448884051 We are open most days according to the weather 🙂   If you would like a beautifully restored vintage bike then come in to meet us and chat about our bikes. The pics in this blog are of bikes that we have restored and they have now left the nest so to speak, however we have a large selection of bikes available and also build custom bikes for you. Cheerio!!!

It’s getting closer to consistent park picnic riding time on vintage bikes! Come experience the Mottainai spirit….

It’s a literal hive of frenzied activity again at the Mottainai shed, the shed of non-waste. We are intoxicated with the love of vintage bicycles and their restoration, we have a few new crew members (Dave and Mauro) who should figure in some of the upcoming blogs. If your looking for a cool and perfectly functional bike that doesn’t come from or support China, then pop in and check out our bikes. We also build custom bikes for customers, they come in and choose a frame and we chat about parts and colours and decide on a budget then it takes us 4-5 days to build your bike, sounds fun eh …..!!!!! Ok we are at 41 Kerr St (off Brunswick) Fitzroy down the little laneway. 0448884051  Cheers.

Restored Vintage Bicycles in Fitzroy Melbourne, Mottainai Cycles.

We are open most days unless the weather is really horrible as we prefer to work outside. As part of the restoration process, all our bikes are completely striped of all parts, the parts are cleaned and replaced (if worn out) and then the bicycle is rebuilt using original and good quality replacement parts. We genuinely love our bikes at Mottainai and therefore want them to be as beautiful and mechanically solid/sound as possible. If we don’t have a restored bike ready in the racks that suits you, we can build you a custom bike that will suit your size and also visual specifications. We really dig custom builds. Come and see us at 41 Kerr St Fitzroy (down the laneway), 0448884051