recycled vintage bikes, Mottainai Cycles Melbourne. Fitzroy bike shop.

More and more bikes seem to be emerging out of the woodwork, dotting the warming, slightly sticky tar streets. Have you ever noticed the difference between the look on a riders face compared to a person driving a car. Many bike riders have almost joyous, benign expressions naturally adorning their faces whilst car drivers usually encapsulate an intensity, a detached but slightly agitated format. Riders are engaged with their surroundings and delight in the wonderment that is constantly pulsating around us. We have the fast riders and we also have the slow riders, I reckon I’m a slow to medium (medium rare tofu). Anyways ….. just rambling today, must be the warm winds. Come in to see us for a service or if your looking for a new/old bike that is totally rad! We do customs builds as well, so don’t be shy, come and suss out our wheels 41 Kerr St Fitzroy 0448884051 open most days unless it’s really horrible weather 🙂

Mottainai (もったいない, 勿体無い) (pronounced moht-tai-nai) is a Japanese term meaning “a sense of regret concerning waste when the intrinsic value of an object or resource is not properly utilized.”[1] The expression “Mottainai!” can be uttered alone as an exclamation when something useful, such as food or time, is wasted, meaning roughly “Oh, what a waste!”

Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai visited Japan at the request of the Mainichi Shimbun for an event related to the Kyoto Protocol in 2005.[4] At this time, she learned this word while discussing ecological issues with the Mainichi Shinbun’s editor-in-chief. She was impressed by the depth of similarity between the Japanese meaning of the word and equivalent concepts in English and Swahili concerning people’s responsibility to respect the earth through frugality and conservation. At the Kyoto Protocols, she wore a shirt with the word “MOTTAINAI” written on it in all capital rōmaji, and asked the audience to use the word in their everyday lives. She became a widely recognized celebrity in Japan for discovering and promoting what is referred to as a “MOTTAINAI” movement. Maathai told Japanese TV that she tried to find equivalent words to mottainai in other languages, so as to spread the concept all over the world, but in vain.

She promoted the concept of mottainai as a term that is roughly equivalent to the English phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” or the proverbial phrase “Waste not, want not”. The term is more closely equivalent to the English phrase “What a waste”. Therefore, she promoted the use of the word mottainai as an international expression.

One thought on “recycled vintage bikes, Mottainai Cycles Melbourne. Fitzroy bike shop.

  1. Ride a vintage bike you will feel fantastic
    Look me up on Hippies on Bikes
    Facebook we talk and share bike pics
    Great site love to see the shop

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