End of the world ride ……. Might as well look groovy on a flash vintage bike! Bikes for sale and service in Fitzroy.

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Another year is nearly over, they just keep rolling by like good quality wheels on a bike. We invite all our readers to pop in to our shop to check out what we have been up to. Emile, one of our key members and long time Mottainai mechanic is getting married this weekend, the day after the end of the world in-fact. So, congrats Emile.

On another note: please turn your minds away from horrible MADE in CHINA bikes that are littering our streets and becoming landfill after a short time, stop fueling the fires of a foreign government that has extremely negative human rights records and that is now beginning to flex it’s muscles in the Asian region, a region we belong to. Recycle, there are so many cool bikes out there already that just need a new lease on life and some love. Peace, love and fresh Mung beans!!! Cheerio

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We adore old bikes, Mottainai Cycles ‘restore, recycle, rebuild, repair’. Melbourne Fitzroy.

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The whizzing freewheels zipping past, the swooshing sensation almost flying — a sense of freedom from the bodies limits, accessing the child, no thoughts, just a kaleidoscope of colours and smells passing by, every moment born anew. Each time I swing over my bike I trigger the same wonder; what keeps me from doing this most of my time like when I was a kid, just cruising around, perfectly content with the movement of my ride?

Anyway, as explained in the heading, we really do love old bikes and are more than happy to take care of yours and bring it back to health or if your in the market for a new bike not made in China, a bike that has been recycled and has a story to tell and which holds a magnificently beautiful aesthetic ……. ummm then come in an check out our seriously cool vintage bikes. 41 Kerr St Fitzroy, just off Brunswick St. 0448884051