Recycled bikes are ACE! Mottainai Cycles restored bicycles in Fitzroy Melbourne

We (the crew at Mottainai) really love restoring groovy old bikes and hooking them up with new owners or being re-united with their existing owners. So …… if you are looking for a super extra coolio-ness vintage bike or if you have one that needs restoring or servicing them come in to our eccentric space in Fitzroy 41 Kerr St to be exact. We open every day barring extreme weather events, so give us a call/text during abnormal weather situations to make sure on 0448884051. We have a large collection of bikes already restored by us and also plenty of frames and parts that we use to build custom bikes for you our customer, our prices range from 350 up to over a grand for some of our rarer exotic steeds. We welcome your support as we adore what we do and find it difficult at times competing indirectly with very cheap poor quality imported bikes from China that are labelled to pretend that they aren’t from China. However, we do service all bikes, even crappy Chinese ones hahaha! Below are some pics of lovely Mottainai customers (friends) that either got a bike from us or we restored their bike. Happy riding 🙂                                                                                           2012_0507AD 2012_0511AF 2012_0512AH 2012_0519AC 2012_0528AF 2012_0514AC 2012_0518AE 2012_0520AB 2012_0522AA 2012_0525AD 2012_0530AC 2012_0601AB