The deep embrace of winter fills our lungs; Mottainai Cycles vintage bikes and bike repairs Melbourne

2012_0617AM 2012_0617AP 2012_0618AA 2012_0618AG 2012_0626AC 2012_0627AD 2012_0627AE 2012_0629AD 2012_0703AA 2012_0704AB 2012_0704AJ 2012_0707AD 2012_0707AF CLICK ON ANY PIC TO ENLARGE 🙂     Mottainai Cycles at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy 3065 0448884051 open everyday 10.30 – 6pm closed on days experiencing horrible weather.  We sell restored vintage bicycles and also service and repair all your bikes (any shape, size, era or genre) plus we restore your bikes and also create custom vintage bicycles according to your needs, considering both aesthetics and functionality.  The above pics depict some of the bikes we have recently restored and sold, pop in to see what we have and chat to one of the Mottainai crew. Our aim is to build bikes that people can fall in love with.

Mottainai Bicycle Service Centre, vintage bikes for sale at Fitzroy Kerr Street. Fading Summer

Saying farewell to Summer is synonymous to saying goodbye to an old friend, a sweet sadness pervades coupled with nostalgic flashes, a kaleidoscope of bright colours and euphoric feelings. The onset of Autumn heralds a more contemplative time, riding through sun-burnt discarded leaves and the recognizable smell of earth, as the leaves metamorphose returning back to soil. The wheel of life continues it’s cycle as do we here at Mottainai. We are still engrossed in building supercool vintage bikes for you and also servicing all bikes from our quaint space at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy, just a short stroll from Brunswick St. We aim to offer less expensive servicing and faster than most around us. And our hours are 10.30-7pm everyday barring severe weather events, call me on 0448884051 cheers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2012_0612AD 2012_0613AD 2012_0512AF 2012_0604AA 2012_0604AF 2012_0608AC 2012_0612AJ 2012_0612AO