I’m sure you will love this as much as I do…….. vintage bikes

A good friend to Mottainai (Ariel) sent me this video:                                                                                http://vimeo.com/65542790

Mottainai Cycles Fitzroy bike service centre and vintage bicycles

2012_0711AC 2012_0715AD 2012_0720AE 2012_0722AI 2012_0723AD 2012_0723AM 2012_0723AS 2012_0723AT 2012_0723AU             At Mottainai Cycles we believe in not wasting beautiful vintage bicycles. It breaks our hearts to see so many of these wonderful bikes thrown out as metal scrap and it’s our intention to save and preserve as many as possible. We restore, service and build custom bikes for our customers. The process of restoring a bike is a ground up rebuild which usually takes 3 days, sometimes longer, we prefer original paintwork and we have discovered some products that can seal and protect paint and metal for many years to come. We have been restoring bikes professionally for more than 4 years and adore our work and bikes. Come in to check out our place at 41 Kerr St we are open everyday from 10-6pm   0448884051 or 042823277 Cheers