Mottainai Cycles “let us build you a beautiful bike”.

  Older bikes are often pretty amazing, hand made or made from high quality materials etc, especially compared to the bikes being pumped out of the factories of China (which have repeatedly being shown to have horrendous working conditions).

 We at Mottainai attempt to find as many of these great pre-loved bikes as possible and resurrect them through full restorations, whilst trying to keep them as original as we can. We are intoxicated with the aesthetic and quality/performance of our bikes and feel a responsibility to bring them back to life in a way that holds an integrity and respect for the origins of the bicycle. Most people seem addicted to the concept of the new, however if new means inferior materials and workmanship then why are people buying these products. Furthermore why are so many throwing out bikes that are often far better than those offered in many shops or online.

 A good quality bike should last more than a lifetime and can be a beautiful object to pass on to others. We believe that bicycles should not be created just to make profits using the cheapest methods and materials possible but instead created with the knowledge and attitude that riding a bike is one of the wonderful joys in life.

The pic below is the newish showroom on 50 Rose Street Fitzroy early evening

2013-08-10 18.12.581146572_10151577467761099_943492520_n999042_502033573199840_2108640638_n 861912_10151543217192603_664964731_n

We are at either 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy or now also around the corner on 50 Rose Street Fitzroy. Open from 10am to 6pm everyday. Call Nick on 0428232477 🙂 Have a ripper ride.

One thought on “Mottainai Cycles “let us build you a beautiful bike”.

  1. I have an old vintage bicycle made in USSR, color blue,think it was made in the 50’s WWII, everything is original and has being well looked after. Wanting to sell would u be interested?u can call me on 0497189209,tomorrow morning if possible thanks…darrel

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