Spring time, riding in style! Mottainai Cycles 2017

Life is way too short to ride shit bikes! Ride with style…… I believe Melbourne in general has a vintage consciousness that evolved through both, Eco awareness and a focus on aesthetics. We are not necessarily bedazzled by the new and recognize that vintage objects often are far better quality and stylish than new things. Mottainai offers an alternative to buying a new bike pumped out of Chinese factories with no regard for the environment nor passion for cycling.

We intend our shop to epitomize old-world charm, our workshop is open, so everyone can see how we work and can chat with the mechanics, we are happy to explain anything and everything about your bicycles. We also help to train mechanics. We believe intensely that good quality vintage bikes are wonderful both aesthetically and functionally and are still very relevant today. We believe in preserving and using beautiful vintage bikes by restoring our own collection for sale and also customers’ bikes that they bring in. We can also upgrade a vintage frame with contemporary parts as a “best of both worlds solution”.


Mottainai Cycles is a bicycle workshop, we service and repair all bicycles and specialize in restoring and building vintage steel lugged bikes. We sell restored bikes and love to build custom bikes for you. We are closed on Tuesdays. We are open Monday, Wed, Thurs and Fridays from 8.30 to 5.30 and open weekends Sat and Sundays from 10.30 to 6.00. Find us at 23 rear Johnston Street Collingwood, down the lane-way and opposite Jim’s Greek Tavern.

Contact:    mail:    catrethowan (at) yahoo.com or mottainaivintagebikes (at) gmail.com,
PH: (zero)481254643 or (zero)448884051


French Vichard frame, Columbus Tubing with Shimano 105 groupset sti shifters, Nito stem, very light.
Lovely Wheeler frame with RX100 Shimano group sti etc.
Pretty sweet nude, bare metal clear coat race frame, Sturmey Archer 3 spd rear hub shifting, bull horns, Velocity rims, Sugino cranks, Schwalbe tires
1950’s Cecil Walker frame, custom build, coaster rear brake, Shimano 105 cranks, very stylish whip.
Gazelle frame, Full Shimano 105 group, Velocity rims. It’s alive!
Malvern Star restoration, full ground-up resto keeping the original paintwork with a clearcoat over it. Amazing 5spd Sturmey stick-shift. Happy childhood memories rekindled.
Gazelle custom-build, Sugino cranks, arx mechs, bar shifters.

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