About Us

Mottainai (もったいない) is a Japanese term conveying a sense of regret concerning waste. The expression “Mottainai!” can be uttered alone as an exclamation when something useful, such as food or time, is wasted, meaning roughly “what a waste!” or “Don’t waste.”

Life is way too short to ride shit bikes! Ride with style…… We believe Melbourne in general has a vintage consciousness that evolved through both eco awareness and a focus on aesthetics. We are not necessarily bedazzled by the new and recognize that vintage objects often are far better quality and more stylish than new things. Mottainai Cycles offers an alternative to buying a new, often characterless, mass produced bicycle by lovingly refurbishing or custom building a bike to suit your individual style and taste.

We are quite different to most bike shops you may have visited before. We consider ourselves to be very friendly and relaxed, definitely not sales orientated venture but a place where we love to hang out and transform pre-90’s bikes. You are all welcome to pop in for a chat about bikes or bring in your bike for a service. We love our work and feel pretty fortunate to be able to recycle these beautiful objects and introduce them to new owners.