[watch this space]

It’s a new year and new decade and a new home in the pipeline for Mottainai. We’ve had a great time here in Collingwood and sadly we must leave to make way for a new luxury apartment development (there goes the neighbourhood!). As of today (25th of January) we’ll no longer be booking jobs in, hiring bikes, or selling from the floor at 23 Johnston. We are planning a garage sale – time permitting – which will be advertised on Facebook and Instagram, so keep an eye out for that!
As for our next home, well, stay tuned for updates here and on the socials. We’ll be announcing a new address and opening day as soon as we’ve got it all locked in. And we will be staying in Melbourne’s inner north!
If you have a bike with us that needs to be picked up or have your eye on one from the shop floor then give us a ring, we will be packing up but still here for around a week.
Sorry for any inconvenience and watch this space for updates.
Thanks for all the good times in Collingwood and hope you all have a great 2020. See you in our new home!

November 2019 – not 2017!

Apologies for any confusion but our ‘fantastic’ WordPress website has some serious issues! It decided to put a very out of date post on the home page, which despite being dated 2017 has caused considerable confusion relating to our opening hours!
Our hours and location can be found on the relevant page above or via Google etc. but to make it simpler I’ll put them here, too.
Tuesday – Saturday, 8.30-5.30 weekdays and 10.30-5.30 Saturday
Anyway, with that out of the way please check our Facebook and Instagram pages for more up to date info (who uses a blog in 2019, anyway?!)…