End of the world ride ……. Might as well look groovy on a flash vintage bike! Bikes for sale and service in Fitzroy.

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Another year is nearly over, they just keep rolling by like good quality wheels on a bike. We invite all our readers to pop in to our shop to check out what we have been up to. Emile, one of our key members and long time Mottainai mechanic is getting married this weekend, the day after the end of the world in-fact. So, congrats Emile.

On another note: please turn your minds away from horrible MADE in CHINA bikes that are littering our streets and becoming landfill after a short time, stop fueling the fires of a foreign government that has extremely negative human rights records and that is now beginning to flex it’s muscles in the Asian region, a region we belong to. Recycle, there are so many cool bikes out there already that just need a new lease on life and some love. Peace, love and fresh Mung beans!!! Cheerio

41 Kerr Street Fitzroy        0448884051

vintage bikes Melbourne, get your vintage coolness and recycle a beautiful bicycle with us.

The above bike is a two-star Malverstar full restoration that was recently completed for a wonderful guy, he seems pretty chuffed with it 🙂

The above bicycle is a BSA that was recently purchased by this sweet lady, she took one look at it and totally fell in love, she said she even dreamed about it. I love these stories.

This purple Hallmark is actually my next door neighbors newly restored steed, he came to show me on it’s maiden voyage. Wonderful job!!!

The above Cecil Walker was a full restoration that is now available, The leather work was completed by the magnificent Ella, you can commission her through our shop to do any bicycle leather work including grips, shoulder hangers, bar dressings …. in fact you name it, she does it and her work is next to none (excellent!!!).

Love the pose, he was a cool dude!!

Anyone looking for a groovy vintage bike or even a service pop in to out shop at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy, just off Brunswick St. Mon=Fri 12-6pm and all day Sundays. Cheers    0448884051   RIDE-ON!

We are open for 2012, gasps of excitement can be heard reverberating over the summery sounds of Cicadas and spinning free-wheels as the warm Zephyr breezes caress our minds.

To all lovers of old bikes out there:

We have re-opened for 2012 and will also be at the next Rose Street Artist Market this Sunday the 15th. For weekdays it’s best to text/ring me on 0448884051 to make a time as I will be in and out, searching the country for groovy old bicycles. The odd pic in the above selection was a pic of my Mom’s new Dog, Jemma who was saved from the lost-dogs-home after being mistreated, Grrrrrrr I really don’t understand some people, who could treat a loving animal badly and um…. who could buy a Chinese copy retro bike???? Anyway Jemma now has lots of love and has a new life, kinda like our bikes ………. Let this year be an apocalyptically armageddonistic year for recycling and respecting each other and the earth.