Vintage bikes, classic bicycles and repair/restorations at Mottainai Fitzroy Melbourne

2012_0421AH 2012_0424AA 2012_0425AC 2012_0425AI 2012_0427AA 2012_0428AC 2012_0428AH 2012_0430AA 2012_0502AS 2012_0502AT                                                                                                          All the bikes in the above pics were restored by the Mottainai crew in the last few weeks, we have vintage bikes for sale but we also restore your bikes and get them back on the roads where they belong. We of course service all bicycles at our workshop (even started to service old lawn mowers as seen in pic above) but we specialize in older style ones, as many bikes shops these days don’t want to know about them and can even be a little condescending when brought in to some shops so I’ve been told. Anyways, we adore them. We also accept donation bikes if you wish to offload some bikes that you no longer have space for, we are totally into recycling bikes and parts. Please feel welcome to drop by for a chat about bikes, our place can be considered slightly eccentric compared to most bike shops as sales is not our first priority, bikes take the focus. ….. Nearly forgot, we also build many custom bikes according to particular specifications and budgets, this is a very enjoyable process both for us but also for you as you become part of the procedure and are able to choose everything from the frame to what kind of parts you desire according to your style of riding. We are open every day including weekends from 10.30-7pm  0448884051  Thanks  🙂 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy Melb.