Melbourne steel lugged bike oasis .. Mottainai Cycles: bike restoration, custom builds, repairs/service and vintage bike sales

Welcome to our world of beautiful bikes. Melbourne is the capital of cool aesthetics, of vintage style and culture, we embrace bespoke quality and objects being created out of love rather than just for profit. We enjoy bringing special bikes back to life and offer a custom service that is lacking in other bike shops or online. We believe that riding a bike is one of the most delightful acts we can do, it has such positive effects. Mottainai offers an alternative to buying a new bike pumped out of Chinese factories with no regard for the environment nor passion for cycling.

Mottainai Cycles is a bicycle workshop, we service and repair all bicycles and specialize in restoring and building vintage steel lugged bikes. We sell restored bikes and love to build custom bikes for you. We are now closed on Tuesdays. We are open Monday, Wed, Thurs and Fridays from 8.30 to 6.30 and open weekends Sat and Sundays from 10.30 to 6.30. Find us at 23 rear Johnston Street Collingwood, down the lane-way and opposite Jim’s Greek Tavern.

Contact:    mail:    catrethowan (at) or mottainaivintagebikes (at),
PH: (zero)466670316 or (zero)448884051