Mottainai Bicycle Service Centre, vintage bikes for sale at Fitzroy Kerr Street. Fading Summer

Saying farewell to Summer is synonymous to saying goodbye to an old friend, a sweet sadness pervades coupled with nostalgic flashes, a kaleidoscope of bright colours and euphoric feelings. The onset of Autumn heralds a more contemplative time, riding through sun-burnt discarded leaves and the recognizable smell of earth, as the leaves metamorphose returning back to soil. The wheel of life continues it’s cycle as do we here at Mottainai. We are still engrossed in building supercool vintage bikes for you and also servicing all bikes from our quaint space at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy, just a short stroll from Brunswick St. We aim to offer less expensive servicing and faster than most around us. And our hours are 10.30-7pm everyday barring severe weather events, call me on 0448884051 cheers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2012_0612AD 2012_0613AD 2012_0512AF 2012_0604AA 2012_0604AF 2012_0608AC 2012_0612AJ 2012_0612AO

Fitzroy Bike service and repairs: Vintage bikes for sale: Mottainai Cycles :)

2012_0328AA 2012_0328AP 2012_0328AR 2012_0328AV 2012_0330AA 2012_0402AB 2012_0403AB 2012_0403AF                 2012_0409AA 2012_0410AB     Greetings lovers of real vintage bikes! The pics above depict some people who have bought bikes from us recently or we thought would look super cool with a particular bike like that last piccy. We at Mottainai Cycles are a little obsessed with older style bikes although we do service and repair all types of bicycles that roll in to our funny little shed. We pride ourselves on performing high quality repairs on all bikes and try to do that little bit extra that is rarely seen these days. We believe our bikes are works of art and can often be caught staring vacantly at one of these bikes, lost in a form of reverie. Most of the bikes in our shed are for sale and we are happy for any one to take them for a test ride around the block. We are even happy to just talk about bikes with you because to be honest that’s pretty much all we ever do anyway.  So please come in so we can talk more about bikes and come and admire our vintage bikes for sale, as we have quite a selection available. Okydoky that’s it for now, ride safe!!! We are at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy (mob 0448884051), down the lane-way …. just follow the signs. Cheers                                                                                                                                                           P.S. Please consider before buying a cheap Chinese bike, and support a sustainable environment, and help spread the word.

Found this amazing blog. Dogs Art and Bicycle parts.

This combines 3 of my favorite things; dogs, art and bicycles…..!      Great sculptures of dogs made from recycled bicycle parts, very cool stuff, perhaps you may have to cut and paste the blog info below to see.      Don’t forget to bring your bikes in to get them serviced at Mottainai Cycles in Fitzroy 41 Kerr Street   0448884051     Enjoy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

recycled vintage bikes, Mottainai Cycles Melbourne. Fitzroy bike shop.

More and more bikes seem to be emerging out of the woodwork, dotting the warming, slightly sticky tar streets. Have you ever noticed the difference between the look on a riders face compared to a person driving a car. Many bike riders have almost joyous, benign expressions naturally adorning their faces whilst car drivers usually encapsulate an intensity, a detached but slightly agitated format. Riders are engaged with their surroundings and delight in the wonderment that is constantly pulsating around us. We have the fast riders and we also have the slow riders, I reckon I’m a slow to medium (medium rare tofu). Anyways ….. just rambling today, must be the warm winds. Come in to see us for a service or if your looking for a new/old bike that is totally rad! We do customs builds as well, so don’t be shy, come and suss out our wheels 41 Kerr St Fitzroy 0448884051 open most days unless it’s really horrible weather 🙂

Mottainai (もったいない, 勿体無い) (pronounced moht-tai-nai) is a Japanese term meaning “a sense of regret concerning waste when the intrinsic value of an object or resource is not properly utilized.”[1] The expression “Mottainai!” can be uttered alone as an exclamation when something useful, such as food or time, is wasted, meaning roughly “Oh, what a waste!”

Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai visited Japan at the request of the Mainichi Shimbun for an event related to the Kyoto Protocol in 2005.[4] At this time, she learned this word while discussing ecological issues with the Mainichi Shinbun’s editor-in-chief. She was impressed by the depth of similarity between the Japanese meaning of the word and equivalent concepts in English and Swahili concerning people’s responsibility to respect the earth through frugality and conservation. At the Kyoto Protocols, she wore a shirt with the word “MOTTAINAI” written on it in all capital rōmaji, and asked the audience to use the word in their everyday lives. She became a widely recognized celebrity in Japan for discovering and promoting what is referred to as a “MOTTAINAI” movement. Maathai told Japanese TV that she tried to find equivalent words to mottainai in other languages, so as to spread the concept all over the world, but in vain.

She promoted the concept of mottainai as a term that is roughly equivalent to the English phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” or the proverbial phrase “Waste not, want not”. The term is more closely equivalent to the English phrase “What a waste”. Therefore, she promoted the use of the word mottainai as an international expression.

Mottainai Cycles is throwing open it’s doors wide for springtime, vintage bikes and repairs

Budding leaves, chirping birds and even sunny skies, such a renewal experience. So if you haven’t done already bring your bike in for a Springtime service or if you are looking for a cool vintage bike then come and visit us at our shed in Fitzroy. 41 Kerr St, just down the laneway. We also hire our bikes. Cheers    0448884051

Springtime riding has arrived at last. Mottainai vintage bikes are pumped.

Time to brush off those cobwebs if you didn’t ride your bike through winter and hit the bitumen roads without the fear of icicles forming on your eyebrows.  If your in the mood for a custom built vintage bike or just a service, roll on in to our shed at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy. You can contact Emile on 0478821208 we exist up a little laneway off Kerr St if you haven’t been before.

What’s cold and wet and lives in a cave? Get your Vintage on!

A wise person once said,”the only constant is change”, well Melbourne certainly embraces that maxim unabashedly (in weatherly terms), I would like to add, the only constant is the turn of the wheel:) Regardless of external conditions getting on a bike is food for the soul and to my mind the older the bike the more soul…… or something like that. We have just experienced the Bike Fest which was great and much enjoyed by all that participated.

Tomorrow (Sunday) should be a lovely day to visit the Rose Street Artist market, down some coffee and check out some old rides and groovy bicycles in our shed, be nice to see you there. See yah.

41 Kerr St Fitzroy.  0448884051 Sun 10.30-5.30pm (weekdays 12 noon-6pm) Cheers   or