July 29th Mottainai Vintage Cycles Melbourne, Australia.

We had a pop up shop in Melbourne Central for a week, some of the above pics were of some of the lovely people we met through that experience. Some of the other pictures are of locals around Fitzroy/Collingwood with their old groovy bikes. We also have a new shed in Fitzroy where we can show you’all some sweet vintage bicycles.

Contact number:          MOB: 0448884051   Mail: catrethowan@yahoo.com

Vintage bikes Melbourne, some romantic snaps of seekers finding their trusty wheelie friends at Mottainai Cycles, Fitzroy.

Some of the shots also depict random cyclists around Fitzroy getting their ‘vintage cool on’. And you can’t stop me sneaking in the occasional dog piccy, these are some of the dogs we take care of and we love them to pieces. Ahhhhhhh vintage bikes and dogs ……. It’s the simple things:)

Mottainai Cycles will be at Melbourne Central Level 1 from Wednesday 20th-31st July for the State of Design Festival, come and check out some of our bikes. Cheers

We are having a pop up shop in Melbourne Central level 1 as part of the State of Design Festival from 20th-31st July.

Some great old black and white shots which highlight the intrinsic and undeniable link between vintage bicycles and the manner in which they are able to make their riders more attractive!!! 😉

Everyone is welcome to drop by Melbourne Central level 1 to check out some bikes and say hello, starting from Wednesday 20th and finishing on the 31st July (State of Design Festival).

A whole bunch of terrific images portraying beautiful people on beautiful vintage bikes.

Please enjoy: Mottainai Vintage Bicycles Melbourne Fitzroy.

Any questions regarding how to get hold of one of these delightful vintage bikes, contact me on 0448884051 or mail me on catrethowan@yahoo.com


Winter has descended with a furious vengeance it seems. However, this just sorts out the depth of commitment one has to riding the streets. Still lots of old much loved bikes braving the elements.

Most of the above pics were of people who dropped by and found a bike to recycle/love from Mottainai vintage bikes, Fitzroy (0448884051). Some of the other snaps were taken around the ‘hood’, i.e. Fitzroy/Collingwood, Melbourne, depicting interesting people on beautiful old bikes. Oh, and the dogs ones are some of the dogs I take of 🙂  Thanks

This premature plunge into Winter’s embrace just sorts out the depth of commitment one has to riding the streets on our trusty rigs.

Fitzroy vintage bikes, Ladies step-through