Sneezing in the Sunshine, springtime jet propulsion. Mottainai vintage bikes Melbourne Fitzroy.

Mottainai cycles is brimming over with funkafied, beatific, classic vintage bikes, many have been restored already and are ready to find new adoring owners. Drop by for a service (we look after all types of bikes) or peruse our amazing shed full of pre 90’s vintage bicycles. We are open most days, barring horrendous weather. We open around 10am and close around 6.30 and can be found in Fitzroy just off Brunswick St (41 Kerr Street Fitzroy) just down the laneway. Slow riders inc.

Melbourne vintage classic bike shop, Mottainai cycles in Fitzroy

Things are certainly gearing up to be a busy season for cyclists, to have that warm glow on our backs again as we traverse the inner city borders on blissful. We at Mottainai are back outside using the lane-way as an extended shop, frantically building up the coolest vintage bikes imaginable. Make sure you pop in to check out our eccentric hole in the wall shop (41 Kerr St Fitzroy) and if your bike needs a tune up, wheel it in for us to weave our magical grease stained hands over your bikes.  0448884051 Cheers

Also on a side note: We have a little bit of a strange request, the photo above is of a girl who came in more than 4 months and bought the pictured bike, we had to put some new tyres on and she never returned to pick up her bike? If anyone knows her could they contact us as we are a little worried. 0448884051 Cheers

Melbourne restored rebuilt recycled used bikes at Mottainai Cycles Fitzroy.

Mottainai vintage cycles: We sell vintage bikes and repair/service all bikes at our funny little place, come and meet us at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy. Mon-Fri 10.30-5.30pm  Sunday from 10am-5pm 0448884051 We really love vintage, classic and old bikes.

Gotta love Feb, it’s such a cruisey time to ride around. Mottainai vintage bicycles Fitzroy.

We have been written up in a Webazine:

Just so there is no confusion, we do not produce ‘cheap bikes’ at Mottainai Cycles ….. We love bicycles and spend our days bringing the bikes back into use, it is a labour intensive, act of passion. We respect the intrinsic nature of older bikes and actually thrive on working with them and in so doing, giving the bike another opportunity to bond with their human counterpart. We are inspired when a person comes in and falls in love with one of our bikes, this is why we keep going and really enjoy the process from start to finish. Oh, the pics depicting a seat and some tube thingy is a cool recycled device, shown to me by Henrik (little Jimmy) who works with us, it is a saddle lock to prevent precious saddles from being stolen. It’s basically a recycled bike chain joined under a recycled 700c tire tube which encases the chain. Niffty eh?

41 Kerr St Mon-Fri 12-6pm and on Sundays 10am-5.30pm with the Rose St artist market in Fitzroy. Call me on 0448884051 Cheers

As Summer flexes her muscles, wheels keep turning. Vintage bikes Fitzroy Melbourne.

Love bikes, love old bikes ……….Join us at 41 Kerr St and check out our selection of rad vintage bikes, we do a comprehensive service on each bike including reconstructing each one and restoring them with replacement parts trying to ‘recycle’, as much as possible. We care for and respect our bikes and are sure you will find a gem in our shed. 0448884051 Mon-Fri and on Sundays with the Rose St Artist market in Fitzroy. Cheerio and happy riding.

Saturday 24th of December at Rose Street Market Fitzroy.

It’s our last day open for 2011, come and join us at the Market 60 Rose St or 41 Kerr St Fitzroy both paths will lead to Mottainai Cycles lol! We have a super collection at the moment as I decided to sell all the bikes I built up for hire. We will be open from 10am until 5.30pm, so check out the market and then swing by our shed and have a chat with us, even Tall Glen will make an appearance. Ok, that’s it for us, I’ve had a great year discovering some beautiful bikes and meeting some really nice people, thank you. Cheers C

Get your bum on a vintage set of wheels………..


Rolling through Summer days, vintage chic at Mottainai recycled cycles.

At Mottainai bikes we restore neglected vintage bikes, two of the above pics demostrate a before and after wheel rim, one all rusty and the next pic all shiny and ready to lace up to another hub. We use lemon juice firstly and then metal polish to make the metal sparkle. In the other pics we have some proud new owners and their new rides and also a pic of a lovely Lady we met on Smith St and her beloved Gazelle (Dutchie). If your a vintage bicycle lover you are welcome to pop in to our shed at 41 Kerr St Mon-Fri and also on Sundays together with the Rose Street Artist Market. You can contact me via text or call on 0448884051.

Oh, don’t forget ‘tiny Glen, the gentle mechanic’, services all kinds of bikes Mon=Fri.

Warm regards.

Mottainai recycled vintage bicycles Fitzroy! Bikes Bikes Bikes…..

Some bikes resurrected from oblivion, even a before and after pic and some ecstatic new owners. Oh, and a lovely lady with her bike snapped outside of Soulfood cafe on Smith St.

41 Kerr St Fitzroy 0448884051

Sundays at Rose St Artist Market Fitzroy:)

Fitzroy vintage bicycles, Mottainai Cycles. Rose Street Artist Market. Bikes for Sale.

Some happy customers that prefer to find a recycled cool vintage bike and support us rather than buy some Chinese made (POS) that becomes landfill in a years time and supports cheap labour and an autocratic regime rather than a sustainable business model. Jumps down from the soapbox lol! But seriously, I really don’t understand these people who purchase these cheap fake/retro copies made in China, when they are such poor quality and don’t support local people or the environment by recycling, I mean come on what’s not to get?? Ok ok now for some groovy pics of some vintage Peugeot adverts from back in the day.

Come and check out our bikes, 41 Kerr St Fitzroy, (0448884051) Mon-Fri and Sundays with the Rose St Artist Market

We also hire out great vintage bikes everyday, contact the Rose St Artist market. Cheers


Mottainai vintage bicycles at Rose Street Artist Market.

Hi, just a wee note to remind vintage bike lovers that we are at the Rose Street Artist Market every Sunday from 11am-4.30pm in Fitzroy. Our work-shed is right behind the market and can be accessed through the market on Sundays. You are all welcome to see what we have available and also Glen services all bikes beautifully. Also if you just want to chat about bikes that’s also fine 🙂 Cheers

41 Kerr St Fitzroy      mob: 0448884051