Mottainai Bicycle Service Centre, vintage bikes for sale at Fitzroy Kerr Street. Fading Summer

Saying farewell to Summer is synonymous to saying goodbye to an old friend, a sweet sadness pervades coupled with nostalgic flashes, a kaleidoscope of bright colours and euphoric feelings. The onset of Autumn heralds a more contemplative time, riding through sun-burnt discarded leaves and the recognizable smell of earth, as the leaves metamorphose returning back to soil. The wheel of life continues it’s cycle as do we here at Mottainai. We are still engrossed in building supercool vintage bikes for you and also servicing all bikes from our quaint space at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy, just a short stroll from Brunswick St. We aim to offer less expensive servicing and faster than most around us. And our hours are 10.30-7pm everyday barring severe weather events, call me on 0448884051 cheers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2012_0612AD 2012_0613AD 2012_0512AF 2012_0604AA 2012_0604AF 2012_0608AC 2012_0612AJ 2012_0612AO

Vintage bikes, classic bicycles and repair/restorations at Mottainai Fitzroy Melbourne

2012_0421AH 2012_0424AA 2012_0425AC 2012_0425AI 2012_0427AA 2012_0428AC 2012_0428AH 2012_0430AA 2012_0502AS 2012_0502AT                                                                                                          All the bikes in the above pics were restored by the Mottainai crew in the last few weeks, we have vintage bikes for sale but we also restore your bikes and get them back on the roads where they belong. We of course service all bicycles at our workshop (even started to service old lawn mowers as seen in pic above) but we specialize in older style ones, as many bikes shops these days don’t want to know about them and can even be a little condescending when brought in to some shops so I’ve been told. Anyways, we adore them. We also accept donation bikes if you wish to offload some bikes that you no longer have space for, we are totally into recycling bikes and parts. Please feel welcome to drop by for a chat about bikes, our place can be considered slightly eccentric compared to most bike shops as sales is not our first priority, bikes take the focus. ….. Nearly forgot, we also build many custom bikes according to particular specifications and budgets, this is a very enjoyable process both for us but also for you as you become part of the procedure and are able to choose everything from the frame to what kind of parts you desire according to your style of riding. We are open every day including weekends from 10.30-7pm  0448884051  Thanks  🙂 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy Melb.

Fitzroy Bike service and repairs: Vintage bikes for sale: Mottainai Cycles :)

2012_0328AA 2012_0328AP 2012_0328AR 2012_0328AV 2012_0330AA 2012_0402AB 2012_0403AB 2012_0403AF                 2012_0409AA 2012_0410AB     Greetings lovers of real vintage bikes! The pics above depict some people who have bought bikes from us recently or we thought would look super cool with a particular bike like that last piccy. We at Mottainai Cycles are a little obsessed with older style bikes although we do service and repair all types of bicycles that roll in to our funny little shed. We pride ourselves on performing high quality repairs on all bikes and try to do that little bit extra that is rarely seen these days. We believe our bikes are works of art and can often be caught staring vacantly at one of these bikes, lost in a form of reverie. Most of the bikes in our shed are for sale and we are happy for any one to take them for a test ride around the block. We are even happy to just talk about bikes with you because to be honest that’s pretty much all we ever do anyway.  So please come in so we can talk more about bikes and come and admire our vintage bikes for sale, as we have quite a selection available. Okydoky that’s it for now, ride safe!!! We are at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy (mob 0448884051), down the lane-way …. just follow the signs. Cheers                                                                                                                                                           P.S. Please consider before buying a cheap Chinese bike, and support a sustainable environment, and help spread the word.

End of the world ride ……. Might as well look groovy on a flash vintage bike! Bikes for sale and service in Fitzroy.

2012_0103AB 2012_0130AR 2012_0220AE 2012_0220AH 2012_0222AD 2012_0222AJ 2012_0225AF 2012_0227AG 2012_0228AD 2012_0228AF 2012_0228AL 2012_0229AA 2012_0229AE 2012_0229AG 2012_0301AF 2012_0301AI

Another year is nearly over, they just keep rolling by like good quality wheels on a bike. We invite all our readers to pop in to our shop to check out what we have been up to. Emile, one of our key members and long time Mottainai mechanic is getting married this weekend, the day after the end of the world in-fact. So, congrats Emile.

On another note: please turn your minds away from horrible MADE in CHINA bikes that are littering our streets and becoming landfill after a short time, stop fueling the fires of a foreign government that has extremely negative human rights records and that is now beginning to flex it’s muscles in the Asian region, a region we belong to. Recycle, there are so many cool bikes out there already that just need a new lease on life and some love. Peace, love and fresh Mung beans!!! Cheerio

41 Kerr Street Fitzroy        0448884051

Sneezing in the Sunshine, springtime jet propulsion. Mottainai vintage bikes Melbourne Fitzroy.

Mottainai cycles is brimming over with funkafied, beatific, classic vintage bikes, many have been restored already and are ready to find new adoring owners. Drop by for a service (we look after all types of bikes) or peruse our amazing shed full of pre 90’s vintage bicycles. We are open most days, barring horrendous weather. We open around 10am and close around 6.30 and can be found in Fitzroy just off Brunswick St (41 Kerr Street Fitzroy) just down the laneway. Slow riders inc.

Shy Summer’s embrace, melbourne vintage classic bike bicycle Fitzroy.

Mottainai Vintage bikes, we have been building some ripper bikes of late and enjoying Melbourne’s slow crawl into summers embrace. We have a large selection of restored bikes for both Men and Women and also lots of bikes to build into custom project for you. We love what we do and welcome anyone who digs old bikes to come in for a chat and check out our eccentric shop in Fitzroy. 41 Kerr St 3063    0448884051 Cheers all!

Restored Vintage Bicycles in Fitzroy Melbourne, Mottainai Cycles.

We are open most days unless the weather is really horrible as we prefer to work outside. As part of the restoration process, all our bikes are completely striped of all parts, the parts are cleaned and replaced (if worn out) and then the bicycle is rebuilt using original and good quality replacement parts. We genuinely love our bikes at Mottainai and therefore want them to be as beautiful and mechanically solid/sound as possible. If we don’t have a restored bike ready in the racks that suits you, we can build you a custom bike that will suit your size and also visual specifications. We really dig custom builds. Come and see us at 41 Kerr St Fitzroy (down the laneway), 0448884051