Fitzroy Bike service and repairs: Vintage bikes for sale: Mottainai Cycles :)

2012_0328AA 2012_0328AP 2012_0328AR 2012_0328AV 2012_0330AA 2012_0402AB 2012_0403AB 2012_0403AF                 2012_0409AA 2012_0410AB     Greetings lovers of real vintage bikes! The pics above depict some people who have bought bikes from us recently or we thought would look super cool with a particular bike like that last piccy. We at Mottainai Cycles are a little obsessed with older style bikes although we do service and repair all types of bicycles that roll in to our funny little shed. We pride ourselves on performing high quality repairs on all bikes and try to do that little bit extra that is rarely seen these days. We believe our bikes are works of art and can often be caught staring vacantly at one of these bikes, lost in a form of reverie. Most of the bikes in our shed are for sale and we are happy for any one to take them for a test ride around the block. We are even happy to just talk about bikes with you because to be honest that’s pretty much all we ever do anyway.  So please come in so we can talk more about bikes and come and admire our vintage bikes for sale, as we have quite a selection available. Okydoky that’s it for now, ride safe!!! We are at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy (mob 0448884051), down the lane-way …. just follow the signs. Cheers                                                                                                                                                           P.S. Please consider before buying a cheap Chinese bike, and support a sustainable environment, and help spread the word.

Melbourne vintage classic bike shop, Mottainai cycles in Fitzroy

Things are certainly gearing up to be a busy season for cyclists, to have that warm glow on our backs again as we traverse the inner city borders on blissful. We at Mottainai are back outside using the lane-way as an extended shop, frantically building up the coolest vintage bikes imaginable. Make sure you pop in to check out our eccentric hole in the wall shop (41 Kerr St Fitzroy) and if your bike needs a tune up, wheel it in for us to weave our magical grease stained hands over your bikes.  0448884051 Cheers

Also on a side note: We have a little bit of a strange request, the photo above is of a girl who came in more than 4 months and bought the pictured bike, we had to put some new tyres on and she never returned to pick up her bike? If anyone knows her could they contact us as we are a little worried. 0448884051 Cheers

Springtime riding has arrived at last. Mottainai vintage bikes are pumped.

Time to brush off those cobwebs if you didn’t ride your bike through winter and hit the bitumen roads without the fear of icicles forming on your eyebrows.  If your in the mood for a custom built vintage bike or just a service, roll on in to our shed at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy. You can contact Emile on 0478821208 we exist up a little laneway off Kerr St if you haven’t been before.

We are open for 2012, gasps of excitement can be heard reverberating over the summery sounds of Cicadas and spinning free-wheels as the warm Zephyr breezes caress our minds.

To all lovers of old bikes out there:

We have re-opened for 2012 and will also be at the next Rose Street Artist Market this Sunday the 15th. For weekdays it’s best to text/ring me on 0448884051 to make a time as I will be in and out, searching the country for groovy old bicycles. The odd pic in the above selection was a pic of my Mom’s new Dog, Jemma who was saved from the lost-dogs-home after being mistreated, Grrrrrrr I really don’t understand some people, who could treat a loving animal badly and um…. who could buy a Chinese copy retro bike???? Anyway Jemma now has lots of love and has a new life, kinda like our bikes ………. Let this year be an apocalyptically armageddonistic year for recycling and respecting each other and the earth.

Feeling the love for vintage bikes ……

A bunch of vintage discoveries at Mottainai vintage bicycles, the above piccies document some of our bikes that have left the nest this week. We have a great selection of vintage bikes at the moment and we are only open until Christmas so you had better pop over pretty quick before we close for several weeks over Dec/Jan. Same location at 41 Kerr St down the little lane off Kerr in Fitzroy Melbourne. We do everything from selling vintage bikes to servicing any bikes and we also do custom builds, including wheels etc,  we also have some very cool old parts to compliment your steed. Ok, cheers for now.  Ph: 0448884051

Mottainai vintage bicycles at Rose Street Artist Market.

Hi, just a wee note to remind vintage bike lovers that we are at the Rose Street Artist Market every Sunday from 11am-4.30pm in Fitzroy. Our work-shed is right behind the market and can be accessed through the market on Sundays. You are all welcome to see what we have available and also Glen services all bikes beautifully. Also if you just want to chat about bikes that’s also fine 🙂 Cheers

41 Kerr St Fitzroy      mob: 0448884051