On the road again …… just can’t wait to get on the road again…. vintage-ness supremo Mottainai cycles Fitzroy Melbourne.


Come see us for your vintage bicycle needs.

41 Kerr St Fitzroy Mon-Fri by appointment or Sundays from 10m-5pm with the Rose St market in Fitzroy. 0448884051 Cheers and safe riding.

2011 most clicked on pictures from Mottainai vintage bicycles.

Ok, these are a selection of pics taken over the past year of customers and their new/recycled bikes, these were the most clicked on pics on my blog and are in no particular order. Since starting this blog over 60,000 people have checked out Mottainai vintage bikes, wow eh? Thanks for all the support of friends of Mottainai Vintage Bicycles over the past year, without your passion I wouldn’t be doing this. Big Cheers. C

Saturday 24th is our last day this year, we will be back next year starting around 11th Jan, text me on 0448884051 with any inquiries. C

41 Kerr St Fitzroy.

An interesting short film from the 60’s showing some cool vintage bicycles and it was used as a safety message for kids …… not sure it would be used these days lol!!! Enjoy.


Get your used vintage pushies at Mottainai recycled bicycles:) Bit of a mouthful eh?

Things are warming up at our hole in the wall shop (41 Kerr Street, Fitzroy), Mottainai Cycles is full of bikes of all shapes, sizes and eras for both men and women. Actually I believe we have some of the best bikes that I have encountered thus far into this crazy adventure. The above pics represent some sated customers who found their new/old rides. Don’t forget Glen works Mon-Fri doing splendorous services on all bikes. And as usual you can catch us out the back of the Rose Street Artist market on Sundays from 11am onwards. Happy riding.

Some cool piccies sourced and re-blogged from the net, inspired vintage bicycle images.

Come check out our vintage bikes for sale and hire, drop by any Sunday at the Rose St market in Fitzroy or contact me on 0448884051 to make an appointment during the week. Cheers and ride-on!!!

A few more go to good homes, vintage bikes, Melbourne.

It’s such a fantastic moment to witness when a person comes into our shed and finds what they were looking for, their faces light up and an instant connection is formed between them and the bike, I reckon that’s the reason why we keep doing this, to be honest it’s a little addictive.

Contact: 0448884051    41 Kerr St Fitzroy [ Please make an appointment 🙂 ]

Almost forgot, we are also hiring out cool vintage bikes from the Fitzroy Rose Street Artist Market, everyday, you can call Christain, call during office hours on: 03 9419 5529      http://www.rosestmarket.com.au/

A selection of images that caught my eye from the info matrix, vintage bicycles, riders and some cool antique bike posters.

Mottainai vintage recycled bicycles.


Contact 0448884051      catrethowan@yahoo.com

Sunday, Rose Street Artist Market, Fitzroy.

Mottainai Cycles has a new home, 41 Kerr Street, Fitzroy. :)

We are currently fixing an old shed behind the Rose St market in Fitzroy, some of the pics were taken inside and out the front, this a work in progress but it’s great to get a specific place to work on our bikes. Also Glen Mason from Backstand bikes and myself have joined forces, Glen is a magnificent bike mechanic and an all-around nice guy who is very keen to recycle/reincarnate as many vintage bikes as possible. When Glen does a service he usually spends the most part of an entire day on each bike and is meticulous, ensuring each bike is as close to perfect as is possible. So we now also service vintage bikes:) It has been amazing riding weather these last few days as a hint of the oncoming spring has peeked through the cold blanket of Melbourne’s winter, warming our riding hearts.

Contact: 0448884051   catrethowan@yahoo.com   Fitzroy  Melbourne Vintage Bicycles.