Mottainai Cycles wants to help you. Nov 2017 Melbourne the riding city.

When you think about it, there is really no downside to riding bikes, in many ways it is the future and reclaiming/recycling bicycles makes perfect sense.

We intend our shop to epitomize old-world charm, our workshop is open, so everyone can see how we work and can chat with the mechanics, we are happy to explain anything and everything about your bicycles. We also help to train mechanics. We believe intensely that good quality vintage bikes are wonderful both aesthetically and functionally and are still very relevant today. We believe in preserving and using beautiful vintage bikes by restoring our own collection for sale and also customers’ bikes that they bring in. We can also upgrade a vintage frame with contemporary parts as a “best of both worlds solution”.


Mottainai Cycles is a bicycle workshop, we service and repair all bicycles and specialize in restoring and building vintage steel lugged bikes. We sell restored bikes and love to build custom bikes for you. We are closed on Tuesdays. We are open Monday, Wed, Thurs and Fridays from 8.30 to 5.30 and open weekends Sat and Sundays from 10.30 to 6.00. Find us at 23 rear Johnston Street Collingwood, down the lane-way and opposite Jim’s Greek Tavern.

Contact:    mail:    catrethowan (at) or mottainaivintagebikes (at),
PH: (zero four)66670316 or (zero)448884051







DSCF3239Dawes Mixte reynolds 531 tubing, perfect touring bicycle.

DSCF3241Unknown (probably Italian) lightweight frame built up with full Campagnolo groupset Sti shifters etc, pretty pimp bike!

DSCF3246Peugeot single speed conversion and a zippy Shogun

DSCF3251Guerciotti track frame, Columbus tubing, Campy cranks, hubs etc. super light.

DSCF3254Vintage Oakley sticker, Shimano 105/rx100 groupset

DSCF3257Peugeot singlespeed conversion

DSCF3260Classic restored 80’s Ladies stepthrough DeCarlo

DSCF3263Superlight Repco build, Shimano 105 groupset

DSCF3266Lawrencia single speed resto build.

DSCF3269Blurry arty pic, floating bike, single speed custom build

DSCF3271One of the regular characters that frequent Mottainai

DSCF3276Cool touring custom bike with canti brakes etc Shimano deore/105 groupset

DSCF3279Colnago Super late 70’s with Campy groupset Nuovo record, original paint


Lovely burnt orange Gitane (Gypsy women) French late 70’s all original restoration.


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Gotta love Feb, it’s such a cruisey time to ride around. Mottainai vintage bicycles Fitzroy.

We have been written up in a Webazine:

Just so there is no confusion, we do not produce ‘cheap bikes’ at Mottainai Cycles ….. We love bicycles and spend our days bringing the bikes back into use, it is a labour intensive, act of passion. We respect the intrinsic nature of older bikes and actually thrive on working with them and in so doing, giving the bike another opportunity to bond with their human counterpart. We are inspired when a person comes in and falls in love with one of our bikes, this is why we keep going and really enjoy the process from start to finish. Oh, the pics depicting a seat and some tube thingy is a cool recycled device, shown to me by Henrik (little Jimmy) who works with us, it is a saddle lock to prevent precious saddles from being stolen. It’s basically a recycled bike chain joined under a recycled 700c tire tube which encases the chain. Niffty eh?

41 Kerr St Mon-Fri 12-6pm and on Sundays 10am-5.30pm with the Rose St artist market in Fitzroy. Call me on 0448884051 Cheers

Some cool piccies sourced and re-blogged from the net, inspired vintage bicycle images.

Come check out our vintage bikes for sale and hire, drop by any Sunday at the Rose St market in Fitzroy or contact me on 0448884051 to make an appointment during the week. Cheers and ride-on!!!

Mottainai recycled vintage bikes Melbourne presents…… Um … more people and bikes in Fitzroy :)

Mottainai recycled bikes set up a little stall at the Fitzroy Market on the weekend (Sat), the market is held on the first Saturday of each Month. It was a great day, even sunny and the bikes looked pretty cool juxtaposed with all the groovy vintage retro clothes for sale.  Some of the other pics capture Melbournites visiting Mottainai bikes and finding a used bike to love. Oh and one pic is just a shot from a fashion shoot, just slipped it in as a filler haha!

Once again any enquiries regarding bikes can be made to this no. (0448884051) or mail: Cheerio and stay warm by riding.

Recycled vintage bicycles are in epidemic proportions in the inner city.

These pic were randomly taken in Fitzroy over the last few days, one of them show a Lady with her newly acquired  vintage bike, others explore the theme of cute dogs and cool bikes. Enjoy. Any inquiries about vintage bikes can be made to 0448884051, cheers.

Melbourne vintage bikes cruising the hood.

Random pics taken of inner city dwellers rolling on old groovy wheels.

Some spunky peoples with their Vintage bicycles, having a ball.

Fashionable vintage bikes, recycle in style …. get into the retro flavor. Contact me on 0448884051 if you are interested in vintage bikes. Fitzroy.

Some vintage bicycle style in the heart of vintage territory Melbourne.

Random pics from Smith St again, late morning, day after the Cup. Vintage, old bikes looking good.

Smith Street early this evening, some nice vintage bikes and riders.

A warm late afternoon beer, watching the myriad of vintage riders making their way home, Fitzroy/Collingwood.

Once again, a few beautifully photographed pictures taken from web sources.