December at Mottainai Cycles, bicycle restoration and custom steel bikes

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We reopen the shop on the 4th of Jan…… we have serviced a bunch of cheaper bikes for around the 250 price range that we will be selling in the new year.

Some very sweet bikes have been through the Mottainai doors in the last few weeks, Beasley 1950’s track bike, Vetta custom build using Shimano 105 contemporary groupset, Hillman custom, Basso resto, Ladies Hallmark resto and R. J Quinn resto.

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Mottainai Cycles is a bicycle workshop, we service and repair all bicycles and specialize in restoring and building vintage steel lugged bikes. We sell restored bikes and love to build custom bikes for you. We are now closed on Tuesdays. We are open Monday, Wed, Thurs and Fridays from 8.30 to 6.30 and open weekends Sat and Sundays from 10.30 to 6.30. Find us at 23 rear Johnston Street Collingwood, down the lane-way and opposite Jim’s Greek Tavern.

Contact:    mail:    catrethowan (at) or mottainaivintagebikes (at),
PH: (zero)466670316 or (zero)448884051

It’s getting closer to consistent park picnic riding time on vintage bikes! Come experience the Mottainai spirit….

It’s a literal hive of frenzied activity again at the Mottainai shed, the shed of non-waste. We are intoxicated with the love of vintage bicycles and their restoration, we have a few new crew members (Dave and Mauro) who should figure in some of the upcoming blogs. If your looking for a cool and perfectly functional bike that doesn’t come from or support China, then pop in and check out our bikes. We also build custom bikes for customers, they come in and choose a frame and we chat about parts and colours and decide on a budget then it takes us 4-5 days to build your bike, sounds fun eh …..!!!!! Ok we are at 41 Kerr St (off Brunswick) Fitzroy down the little laneway. 0448884051  Cheers.

Mottainai Cycles is throwing open it’s doors wide for springtime, vintage bikes and repairs

Budding leaves, chirping birds and even sunny skies, such a renewal experience. So if you haven’t done already bring your bike in for a Springtime service or if you are looking for a cool vintage bike then come and visit us at our shed in Fitzroy. 41 Kerr St, just down the laneway. We also hire our bikes. Cheers    0448884051

vintage bikes Melbourne. Mottainai Restored Cycles

Here we have a few choice piccaronies of our Mottainai gang doing what we love to do, we recently had to say bon-voyage to a much loved member Julian, who is now back in France trying to find us some cool French bikes for us to restore. In the other pics are some delightful people who came in and found some love in our shed of bike dreams lol! Well you know what I mean. We roll on old wheels at Mottainai Cycles. Come in for a service or some new/old bikes. Cheers

41 Kerr Street Fitzroy 0448884051 Open Mon-Fri 11am-6pm and all day Sundays…….. Melbourne vintage retro bikes.

vintage bikes Melbourne, get your vintage coolness and recycle a beautiful bicycle with us.

The above bike is a two-star Malverstar full restoration that was recently completed for a wonderful guy, he seems pretty chuffed with it 🙂

The above bicycle is a BSA that was recently purchased by this sweet lady, she took one look at it and totally fell in love, she said she even dreamed about it. I love these stories.

This purple Hallmark is actually my next door neighbors newly restored steed, he came to show me on it’s maiden voyage. Wonderful job!!!

The above Cecil Walker was a full restoration that is now available, The leather work was completed by the magnificent Ella, you can commission her through our shop to do any bicycle leather work including grips, shoulder hangers, bar dressings …. in fact you name it, she does it and her work is next to none (excellent!!!).

Love the pose, he was a cool dude!!

Anyone looking for a groovy vintage bike or even a service pop in to out shop at 41 Kerr Street Fitzroy, just off Brunswick St. Mon=Fri 12-6pm and all day Sundays. Cheers    0448884051   RIDE-ON!

Vintage bikes Melbourne. Some pics of a few of our bicycles from Julian, our French mechanic at Mottainai Vintage bikes.

Great pictures!!! Thanks Julian. You can check out his Facebook page : or his blog

We are having a sale at the shed with $50 off all bikes, drop by and fall in love with one of our beautiful bicycles. 41 Kerr St Fitzroy 0448884051