Reviews of Our Work

A beautiful unique place to forget the time and get lost in a wide range of unique bike (re)creations and endless custom build options. High standards, good vibes, a very special atmosphere, helpful staff and some great music.

Peter Sillie

Truly one of Melbourne’s best kept cycling secrets! Ace servicing, customer service is great and their bikes are all stunning. Looking anything cycling related or feel like checking out some great beards, (found on the chins of the male staff) the team were a great help to me on all questions, and would highly recommend.

Derek Gurban

What a find! Mottainai Cycles is a beautiful place to visit and the staff are helpful, friendly and down-to-earth. As a customer, you feel well taken care of, whether you’re there for a custom build, a service, or even just an inner tube change! Recommended.

Michael Newhouse

What a great find! When it comes to bike repair, this is one of the best kept secrets in Melbourne. Super fast service and incredibly down to earth, friendly people. Would recommend to anyone who wants their bike running smoothly without having to wait forever. Totally love their vintage bike collection too!

Michaele Harrington