Some striking images of the perplexingly seductive relationship between a beautiful women and her beautiful vintage bicycle.

Beautiful retro vintage bikes and their attractive counterparts. Shots taken from the net.

Some new shots taken in Fitzroy and Collingwood, of course vintage bikes are involved.

Some pics taken on Greeves St and Smith St Fitzroy/Collingwood and a bike sold to a nice Canadian guy. The vintage bicycle/bike magic continues.

Vintage bicycles and some styling chic pics

A collection of pics depicting the growing links of vintage bikes to fashion, style and outright coolness, the association of chic-nessĀ  of getting around on vintage used bicycles/bikes. These are taken from the net and from all over the globe, not just Melbourne. However we are attempting to document more local Melbournians around the Fitzroy Collingwood areas recently. Check the blog for these pics.

Some miscellaneous vintage bike photos with some bike lovers.

A selection of beautiful and interesting pics from the net of bike lovers riding their vintage bicycles around town.

A beautiful day in Melbourne, great to be on a vintage bike cruising the streets.

Gorgeous day today for riding and working on bikes outside in Melbourne.

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A proliferation of snaps taken of girls and guys riding vintages bicycles.

Vintage bikes are becoming a boom around the world, the connection to fashionistas is self evident.

Vintage bike/bicycle pics.

An assortment of fashionable shots of stylish people riding vintage used bikes.

Here are a selection of Women’s vintage bikes that I currently have for sale, I also have quite a few Men’s road bikes not pictured.

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The ultimate utilitarian object combining both style and elegance, the humble vintage bike/bicycle.

Pics of bikes and bicycles vintage used cool elegant style.

A couple get some new wheels in Fitzroy and some pics of a Great Dane and a vintage bicycle, good combo!!!

A couple find a nice vintage bike called the Ladybird in Fitzroy.

A few pics of a beautiful bike in restoration with Kim Kim a sweet Great Dane.