Vintage bikes Melbourne, Mottainai recycled bicycles, new acquisitions and a sneak look inside.

Some snaps taken inside the hidden sanctum of Mottainai vintage bikes with Glen doing some masterful repairs whilst Max the Bernese Mountain dog looks on. Also some fresh piccies of some ecstatic new owners with their new/old rides.

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Some cool piccies sourced and re-blogged from the net, inspired vintage bicycle images.

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A few more go to good homes, vintage bikes, Melbourne.

It’s such a fantastic moment to witness when a person comes into our shed and finds what they were looking for, their faces light up and an instant connection is formed between them and the bike, I reckon that’s the reason why we keep doing this, to be honest it’s a little addictive.

Contact: 0448884051    41 Kerr St Fitzroy [ Please make an appointment 🙂 ]

Almost forgot, we are also hiring out cool vintage bikes from the Fitzroy Rose Street Artist Market, everyday, you can call Christain, call during office hours on: 03 9419 5529